Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who the Hell is Bebe?

I know if I were you that would be the very first thing that I would be asking. Not "who is this chick writing this blog." Not "what does she have to say?" but literally..."who the hell is Bebe?"

And that's pronounced like the gun in case you though it was some chic way of saying baby. I know it can be French but I am a southern girl so it's definitely like Bee-Bee that you use to shoot the pigs with.

Bebe comes from a rude comment made to me years ago...

Idiot: "You know honey, inside of you is a beautiful, thin woman just waiting to come out."
Snarky Me: "If she's in there I ate that bitch a LONG time ago!"

Now mind you I was of course pretty heated at the time which explains such a retort and my colorful language, but the message was all the same. That the person that I was on the outside was NOT the person that I truly was on the inside--at least not if you take the word of said idiot. Little did the idiot know that they couldn't have been closer to the truth if they tried.

After 29 years of life and ALL of it being overweight (ok so no one is a fat toddler...I went from cute baby, to fat little kid, to obese teenager, to morbidly obese adult, to "there are no other terms to describe the fact that I am HUGE and not healthy)--I decided to finally put my "surgery where my stomach is" and do something about it.

So finally...I am BREAKING OUT BEBE...that gorgeous, buxom (cause I gotta have my boobies), slender woman that's been patiently waiting inside me to get out all this time. And this gonna tell you all about my fight to get her here.

Come along with me if you dare...if nothing else, I PROMISE to make you laugh *wink*